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Environmental Education

The Environmental Education Workshop is performed  with the  support of local school teachers.


This workshop cover the most important topics that help modify daily habits and transform them in sustainable attitudes.  


Research Center

The Maya Environmental Education and Research center is a node for educators and students from around the world that visit the Riviera Maya in México to further their research in the fields of sustainability, ecology, biology, microscopy, medicine and hidrogeology.


Community DEvelopment

Community development is key to achieving sustainability. 

Our programs are adjusted to each group of participants, to ensure the learning process is smooth. 

You can sponsor a project or program and contribute to the wellbeing of the Maya people.



We develop Corporate Socially Responsible programs and activities; you can select an activity  from our menu; or request a program that fits your interest.

You can also select a location from our list of alllied communities, and enjoy a full day of activities interacting with your team and the local people. 


sustainable tourism

We have provided consulting services to many sustainable tourism comunity projects in the Maya villages; now, we bring to you a list of the most enjoyable experiences, and also a selected display of rustic accommodations to complete your immersion experience visiting the villages for a full day of adventure or more!

Colorful Masks




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